Our Partnerships

AB Healthcare Solutions provides personalized solutions to the rural hospital community specializing in medical services including practice management, facility/regional leadership, population health, vendor management, contingent labor, and Locum Tenens.

We are a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing

AB Staffing Solutions LLC is a nationwide leader in travel nurse and Healthcare Staffing. ABSS is accredited and certified by The Joint Commission and has been providing strategic healthcare solutions since 2002.

AB Staffing Solutions, LLC is accredited and certified by the Joint Commission and has been providing strategic healthcare solutions since 2002. Our clients rely upon our innovative solutions that meet their Healthcare Staffing needs. As a team we create a positive experience for our healthcare providers while focusing on improving the quality of patient care in the Healthcare Facilities we work with Nationwide.

Our Mission

AB Healthcare Solutions is the leading providers of healthcare professionals and human capital solutions to government and commercial clients.

As a team, we create a positive experience for our healthcare providers while focusing on improving the quality of patient care at client facilities throughout the country.  We are committed to providing outstanding quality, service and value to our clients and employees through integrity, competence, innovation, and execution.  Our business will grow on the fundamental belief that customers and healthcare providers are won and retained, one at a time.

Our Vision

To collaborate with communities to build a healthy future.

Our Values

Our core values are integrity, competence, innovation, and execution.


Everything we do must first be based on a foundation of integrity. To AB this encompasses a variety of related values including honesty, adherence to moral and ethical principles. Integrity is the foundation on which coworkers, clients and their contracting partners build relationships, trust and effective interpersonal relationships. In the healthcare setting, integrity is of utmost importance in building a trust relationship between clinical personnel and patients.


Competence embodies the ability of an individual to be qualified to perform a certain function as it relates to knowledge and ability. However, it is much broader in that competence denotes a certain talent and mastery of a particular subject and ability to act effectively in difficult situations. This applies to all staff, not the least of which is to our physicians and other clinicians that must make informed decisions relating to the delivery of healthcare services to patients.


AB believes innovation is a cornerstone value. In the context of our service delivery, innovation requires the application of better solutions and ideas that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or existing needs that further satisfy and exceed the needs and expectations of the client. In the healthcare setting, innovation must result in the delivery of more efficient and effective patient care.


Lastly, execution represents the culmination of the first three broad based values discussed above. The ability to coalesce integrity, competence and innovation can only be realized through execution. In short, AB Healthcare and its staff must be able to deliver on its promise to provide the services that it is contracted to provide. While individually important, our values do not further the delivery of patient care in an efficient and effective way unless we execute on the delivery of our promises.

Our Offerings

AB Med

  • Proven and Experienced Medical Leadership
  • CMO and Medical Director level leadership
  • Best medical practice and fiscal responsibility
  • Leadership providing hands-on direction
    • Quality and Performance
    • Compliance and quality assurance services
    • Billing, coding and VMS services

AB Staffing

  • Recruitment and Staffing
  • Long and short term staffing services
  • Doctors, Nurses and Allied Health

Adaptive Workforce Solutions

  • Vendor Management Software Technology
  • Clinical and Non-Clinical Workforce Solutions

AB Med Connect

  • Subscription to a cloud-based workforce management software
  • Access to an integrated database of active medical personnel
  • Expense and timesheet online tracking, submission and approval by mobile app or web
  • Automated notification of critical due dates, such as credential expiration

Consulting Agreement

  • The following consultants are available on a per-project basis.
  • Chief Medical Officer (MD) Consultant
  • Director of Nursing Consultant
  • Quality and Compliance Consultant
  • Public Health Consultant