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Workforce Management
Solutions for the
Healthcare Industry

We help you Remain Compliant, Increase Quality Staff and Stay in Control

Adaptive Workforce Solutions combines advanced VMS with best-in-class MSP to centralize order flow, vendor-neutral recruitment, consolidate invoicing and mitigate risk so hospitals can better manage their contract labor spend. Through our VMS tool, we optimize the way in which hospitals access suppliers, performance metrics, compliance documentation, budget tracking and business analytics that delivers real time solutions.


Streamline Processes With A
Hybrid MSP Solution

With over two decades of experience providing a third-party MSP solution to healthcare facilities, we’ve gained a good understanding of the challenges they were looking to solve. We also discovered opportunities for improvements, efficiencies and cost savings that would provide an even better ROI and level of control. That’s why we developed a unique hybrid MSP solution that truly delivers the best of both worlds.

Save Time And Money With A Customized VMS

Adaptive Workforce Solutions offers VMS management consulting services. We can help you find the best fit for your organization’s needs or we can work seamlessly with your current VMS provider to help you create even more efficient workforce management solutions of your own.

There are many VMS software solutions to choose from and each has pros and cons to technology and approach. Through our vast industry experience and our strategic VMS partnerships, we can assist you in selecting the best solution for your organization.

Improve Efficiency With Payroll Services

With 20 years of experience in payroll service for contingent workforce labor and classifying 1099 within the healthcare industry, Adaptive Workforce Solutions provides expert advice and service to support you in this critical aspect of your business.

Realize improved efficiency, maintain compliance, reduce co-employment and stay aligned with industry best practices by partnering with Adaptive Workforce Solutions for your temporary and contract payroll service management.